3D Wall Panel

While creating solutions to acoustic needs, it is also important to meet aesthetic expectations for working and living spaces. Three-dimensional wall panels, which can be adapted to any project with different model, thickness, size and color options, combine functionality and aesthetics decently.

Three-dimensional acoustic panels are often used as wall panels. They prevent the formation of echoes and ringing in the environment and absorb the sound. The use of 3d wall panels applied by gluing them to the wall surface with liquid adhesive is quite easy. The inner filling is 95kg/m3 glass wool, the outer surface is acoustic fabric.

3D wall panels are often used in conference rooms, meeting rooms, open offices and studios. It is a customizable type of acoustic panel used in projects where design is at the forefront. The production of hexagon, triangle, pyramid, trapezoid or desired different shapes ensures that the product is compatible with every project.