Acoustic Baffle

Poor acoustic comfort is undesirable, as acoustic comfort in an office space, school or public building can affect our health, communication, safety, productivity and learning. Using high-performance acoustic baffle ceiling products that can be used on every surface is the best solution to provide exceptional acoustic performance, comfort and an aesthetically pleasing solution. Acoustic fabric covered baffle panels are produced with 95kg/m3 glass wool filling. There is no profile on the edge, the edge detail is produced as hardened. The acoustic ceiling panel with the highest absorbency is the baffle panel.

Acoustic Pendant Baffle Ceiling Panel

Baffle ceiling panels are recommended in meeting rooms, lobbies, conference rooms, in short, in volumes where aesthetics and performance are expected together. Baffle panels with various mounting details according to ceiling types are applied by hiding from the ceiling with hanging devices. While providing an acoustic environment, it also brings the aesthetics of the space to the highest level by adding depth to the ceiling and is an alternative to ceiling designs for architects. it is recommended to use on ceilings higher than 3 meters.