Acoustic Carpet

One of the biggest factors that negatively affect our lives today is exposure to loud noise. Soundproof and acoustic materials that have become a necessity in the modern world at the same time offer you a peaceful and better quality of life.
In places such as open offices, concert halls, recording studios, sounds are reflected from walls and existing objects, propagate in the air for much longer than the sounds coming from the source of the sound and create a distortion. Therefore, it prevents the sound from being understood and perceived as it is. In order to reduce the noise in the environment, various sound-absorbing materials should be used on the ceiling, wall and floor. The only acoustic material that can be used on the floor are acoustic sound-absorbing carpets.

The basic principle of acoustic carpets is that they eliminate sound pollution without harming the environment and bring the sound levels to the level of natural perception. Acoustic carpets that minimize the transmission of sound between floors are usually preferred in environments where sound echoes, such as open-decker offices and call centers. There are several types of base properties available depending on the level of the sound that needs to be cut.