Acoustic Curtain

In addition to helping to isolate the interior from light, the acoustic sound curtain also helps to prevent noise from the outside. Therefore, there is a need to produce curtain fabrics with different techniques that can help volume acoustics and sound insulation. In addition to these properties of curtain fabrics, air and water permeability properties, as well as tensile strength properties are of secondary importance.

The main reasons for using acoustic curtains in projects are low production costs and low specific gravity. It is very useful because it can be produced in sizes and colors suitable for every place. The acoustic curtain fabric is velvet fabric. Velvet fabric and lining play a big role in providing volume acoustics when used together. In cases where sound insulation is intended, it is produced in three layers and a barrier is used. The acoustic curtain models within the structure of Arık Yapı Acoustic are divided into three as blackout curtain, soundproofed curtain and acoustic curtain.

Acoustic curtain is often used in conference rooms, music studios and shooting studios.