Acoustic Door

Acoustic Door are solid structure materials with increased thickness, designed to effectively prevent sound from entering or leaving a room.

No matter what materials are used for soundproof doors, they are only as effective in sound insulation as their weakest point. Even if the highest quality sound insulation materials are placed in the door frame, if the installation of the moldings is not done correctly, all the sound escapes from the gaps. In order to get the highest efficiency from the soundproofed door, its installation must be carried out by an experienced team. At the same time, well-fitting doors and frames with effective use of gaskets are the most important part of preventing the passage of sound. Even the gap of the lock in soundproofed doors is an undesirable gap. For this reason, not every type of lock is suitable for acoustic doors.

If the sounds at high decibels are cut off and the appropriate space is available for this, using double acoustic doors is necessary to get a good result. For example; While it will be sufficient to use one door for meeting room sound insulation, two acoustic doors should definitely be used together for studio insulation.

Soundproofed doors can be produced with or without glass, coating and painting can be made in the desired colors. It can be produced as a single wing or double wing door according to demand.