Acoustic Felt

Noise has a big impact on productivity, and people don't like working in a noisy environment. Absolute silence is also undesirable, because the slightest noise can cause a lot of discomfort. An ideal working environment is an area where the optimal balance between sound and silence is achieved. Volume acoustics depends on different factors such as reverberation time and how the space is used.

Acoustic Felt Panels offer endless design opportunities to improve acoustics. Acoustic panels, which can be covered with felt fabric in any color, can also be cut into different shapes and can be completely customized according to preferences. Installation details suitable for each place can be planned. It is one of the easiest acoustic materials to install due to its light weight and flexibility. This soft but sturdy material is a sustainable product, as it is made from recycled materials. It also has other great advantages such as easy maintenance and long service life.