Acoustic Floating Ceiling Panel

Floating Ceiling Panels are the most functional material for improving and helping room acoustics. When installed directly on a ceiling or used as a suspended ceiling, acoustic ceiling panels and sound-absorbing suspended ceiling tiles provide effective noise control. Offered in a wide variety of materials, sizes and designs, acoustic ceiling tiles are an easy solution to improve the acoustic quality of any space. Acoustic ceiling panels manage noise control in large or small areas, balancing acoustics for the comfort of people. Ceiling panels are manufactured from a variety of materials and specifications to meet the various requirements of each application. If you need high-performance acoustic ceiling panels that allow sound to be blocked, absorbed and emitted, Arik Yapı Acoustics is an excellent option that combines all these qualities in one unit. According to your preference, it can be produced in standard 60x60cm, 60x120cm and 60x180cm sizes or in the desired sizes, shapes and colors according to your request.

Acoustic ceiling panels can be hung on your ceiling with hanging devices or applied by gluing to the surface of your ceiling. Depending on the ceiling height and the sound intensity in the area, it is recommended to use fabric-covered ceiling panels by hanging them parallel to the ceiling. Hanging acoustic ceiling panels from the ceiling with hanging devices provides more efficiency than gluing, sound waves propagating from the floor to the ceiling hit the panels suspended from the ceiling in upward motion, while escaping sound waves hit the back surface of the ceiling panels that are suspended after reflecting from the ceiling, increasing the efficiency to the highest levels. This ratio is less in the panels glued to the ceiling. In addition, the panels suspended from the ceiling with steel ropes have a longer service life and are more durable. As long as your ceiling height and space allow, it should always be the first choice to hang from the ceiling with hanging devices.