Acoustic Pyramid Sponge

Acoustic pyramid sponge is the material with the smoothest decision among acoustic sponges. When applying an acoustic sponge, the best results are obtained with a pyramid sponge, the joints fit together properly. It is the most preferred acoustic sponge type in studios. They are sound absorbing sponges that minimize echo and ringing and prevent reflections in order to get a clean sound inside the studio.

What Is an Acoustic Sponge Useful For?

Acoustic sponge is the most commonly preferred material type for providing volume acoustics. Its easy availability, practical application method and fireproof property are among the reasons why it is preferred. If it is desired to be used in sound insulation, it should be used in a barrier way and at high intensity.

It is often preferred in studios, offices and mechanical areas. Fireproof acoustic sponge is also used for sound insulation of boat and automobile engines.