Acoustic Wooden Panel

Acoustic comfort in an office space, school or public building contributes to human health. This is because poor acoustic performance affects health, communication, safety, productivity and learning. Acoustic ceiling and wall products are one of the most suitable solutions for providing high-efficiency acoustic performance, comfort and an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Acoustic wooden panels can be combined with desired edges, surfaces and top surfaces. There are many alternative coating techniques for wooden ceiling panels and wooden wall panels. Depending on the type of wood, the veneer cut, the color tone and ultimately the installation precision, a flat wooden panel turns into an original design. Creating a wall and ceiling cladding covered with natural wood is a process that requires ingenuity and experience. In order for the design to be aesthetic, workmanship is as important as the quality of the material.

Acoustic wooden panels can be an aesthetic design element in your project to create inspiring spaces. Different designs can be created by combining with felt or metal materials.

There are many color options and different types of materials for wall and ceiling panels. It is possible to create a natural appearance with solid wood systems with aesthetic patterns on coated wood panels.

Features of Acoustic Wood Panel

Acoustic wooden panels are a type of panel that reflects the sounds that hit its surface and eliminates noise in the room. Wooden acoustic panels are produced using MDF and MDFLam raw materials. If requested, natural wood can be coated, flame retardant wood polish can be applied. It creates the necessary conditions to produce a perfect sound in acoustic projects, concert venues, offices, conference and ballrooms and transmits it to people.

Flat wooden panels can be drilled to achieve an acoustic efficiency. Various hole types are available to create the necessary sound absorption. Different designs are created by using standard, special perforated, Decoupled panels together.

Next to aesthetics comes comfort. Ceilings and walls play a major role in bringing acoustic comfort to the desired level. Acoustic wooden panels; contribute to people in designing healthier, more durable spaces. Wooden panels are created using wood of various shades, shapes and sizes to create a striking and warm look. More than 40 coating finishes are available to create the ideal design. Standard panels are treated with transparent lacquer, but if a special appearance is desired, special varnishes, paints or finishing paints can be applied. Thanks to the special processing of wooden panels, some types of wood are also suitable for humid areas, such as swimming pools. A fire-resistant coating is applied on acoustic wooden panels, resulting in a fire response classification of B-s1,d0 (EN13501-1). Wooden panel sizes can be adjusted to the desired dimensions.