Bondex Sponge with Barrier

Bondex sponge with barrier is the most widely used product in sound insulation. Bondex sponge is a sound insulation material that can meet your demands in any environment with thicknesses ranging from 10mm to 50mm and density options ranging from 100dns to 200dns. According to the current sound level in the environment, the thickness and density of the bondex sponge vary in order to use it with the highest efficiency. It can also be used by decking the sound barrier on one side of the bondexpa or between two bondex sponges according to the need.Bondex sponge laminated with barrier is known as ‘Barrier Bondexpan‘ or ‘Bondex Barrier Sponge'.

Bondex sponge; It is a sustainable sound insulation product because it is produced from recycled cropped sponges. Bondexpan with 53mm 150dns Barrier is the most commonly preferred type of sound insulation sponge.