Ceiling Sound Insulation

Nowadays, with the crowded population, unwanted noise increases.The importance of sound insulation is being felt more and more every day in order for us to have a peaceful time in our living spaces. Sound insulation between floors is of high importance, especially in residential projects.

When applying sound insulation for the ceiling, sound insulation materials that cut the sound to a high degree should be preferred. With the insulation to be applied, the air-born sounds that pass from the upper floor to the lower floor and from the lower floor to the upper floor can be cut with the right material and application. Intervention should be made from the floor of the upper floor in order to stop the sounds caused by vibration and impact. The golden rule in sound insulation is to process the sound from the source. Depending on the level of the sound desired to be cut for the apartment ceiling sound insulation, the processing can be started after determining the material thickness and density.

Ceiling sound insulation in gyms, generator rooms, boiler rooms, music studios, nightclubs, conference rooms and movie theaters is one of the priority processes.