Conference Room Acoustics

Since conference rooms are mostly spacious and high-ceilinged areas, the sound is reflected from various hard surfaces and creates an intense echo. The fact that it becomes difficult and often impossible to distinguish what is being said is extremely uncomfortable for the person listening to the conversation. Acoustic solutions should be considered when designing conference rooms.

Exploration is definitely made in advance for the application to be made in the conference hall. The purpose of the discovery is to make the application efficient and orderly. When the discovery is made, it is determined where the sound hits and comes back, where that sound comes from if there is a sound coming from outside to inside, what material will be suitable if acoustic regulation is desired in the environment. The sound insulation materials and acoustic materials that can be used for conference halls are bondexpan with barrier, epdm barrier sound insulation sponges, acoustic fabric panels with various colors and models, acoustic melamine sponges, acoustic wooden panels, acoustic carpets with rubber base and techno touch sponges with velvet fabric.