Decorative Acoustic Sponge

Decorative acoustic sponges are sound-absorbing panels in anthracite color with non-flammability added.

Basstrap Sponge

Basstrap sponge; allows the sound at the wall and ceiling joints in the studios to be swallowed. It is the most effective type of acoustic sponge that absorbs low frequency sounds. It is applied with a solid-based liquid adhesive.

Zigzag Sponge

Zigzag sponge is usually preferred in 25x25cm sizes. It is often preferred in studios where aesthetics are at the forefront. Thanks to its small size, it is extremely easy to apply. It can also be produced as self-adhesive.

Vicoustic Flexi Sponge

Vicoustic acoustic sponge is produced as 4 or 5cm. the square dimensions on the acoustic sponge with dimensions of 50x50cm may vary. When applied with meticulous craftsmanship, it is possible to create perfect finishes. Vicoustic sponge is one of the most commonly preferred acoustic sponge types. It is possible to produce the desired colors by coating the flock paint. Densities of 26 and 32 are available.