Epdm Heavy Sound Barrier

Epdm Heavy Sound Barriers are sound insulation materials applied between sponges in areas where high decibel sounds are desired to be stopped. At the same time, vibration damping is quite higher than sponge materials. If direct sound suppression is desired, EPDM heavy lead barrier can be used. EPDM barriers that can be applied together with Acoustic Sponges provide excellent acoustic performance and durability. It is generally used in mechanical spaces or drum rooms to cut very strong sounds.

Heavy Layer Sound Insulation Barrier

How to Apply?

Epdm sound insulation barrier is one of the heaviest insulation materials. It is much more difficult to transport and apply compared to sponge materials. It must be used in a way that the surface is covered. Resistant to moisture and mold. It is generally used between two layers of plasterboard in double-layer plasterboard applications or in sound-insulated door applications.