Felt Sound Barrier

Felt PVC Sound Barrier is the material with the highest density and thinnest thickness used in sound insulation. It is frequently preferred in construction as high efficiency can be achieved with low thickness. In order to increase the efficiency of the PVC Sound Barrier, it is laminated with 'Barrier Bondexpan' or 'Barrier Spongepan'. Unlike PVC Sound Barrier, it is covered with felt on both sides. Felt coating provides ease of application for lamination. When laminated with 'Bondex Sponge' or 'Spongepan', both sides are covered with felt for more durable bonding.

Barrier acoustic sponge production is also done by felt barrier lamination. It is laminated as a sandwich between plain sponge and patterned sponge, ensuring that the acoustic material contributes to sound insulation. Since the weight of the barrier laminated sponges will increase, the gluing process will not be sufficient. Barrier sponges should definitely be mounted with a sheathing anchor when applying.