Glass Wool Suspended Ceiling

Glass wool suspended ceiling panel is a kind of absorbent acoustic panel covered with glass fiber as an aesthetic decoration product in living areas. Glass wool suspended ceilings are used to provide volume acoustics. It also prevents some sound from reaching the upper floor in the areas where they are applied, while at the same time ensuring that the sound spreads inside in a high-quality way. Acoustic glass wool sheet systems that are resistant to fire can also be used as decorative in living areas. The glass wool used in suspended ceiling panels are high density glass wool.


Since it has a fibrous structure, it has a noise reduction and sound absorbing effect in the environment.
The NRC coefficient ( Noise Reduction Coefficient) is at the level of 0.70 – 0.75.

The higher the density of the glass wool board, the higher its acoustic performance in terms of noise reduction. 70 Kg/m3 kind of suspended ceiling plates.

Glass Wool gives a luminous effect to the environment thanks to the light reflection feature of suspended ceiling panels.

It is not harmful to health. it is 100% glass wool

It also creates a thermal insulation effect caused by the nature of glass wool.

Since it is a light product (1.4 kg/m2 ), it does not put weight on the ceiling carrier system.

It is decorative, it can be applied with both T24 and T15 carrier systems.

Glass wool plates are fire resistant, non-conductive, flame retardant structure.

Moisture resistance is as high as 85%. Thanks to its porous surface structure, it breathes and destroys moisture in its body.

Areas of use: cinemas, theaters, conference halls, libraries, hospitals, schools, business centers, hotels and often factories.