Home Theater Acoustics

To create a cinema hall at home, sound insulation and acoustic arrangement should be planned separately. Considering the powerful sound systems to be used, a strong sound isolation application should be made first. In order to enjoy the cinema at home, it is just as important to prevent the sound that will occur inside from coming out as it is to prevent the sounds coming in from outside. It is possible to create a cinema room with full insulation even in an apartment by using first quality insulation materials.

After the sound isolation is provided, the acoustic arrangement, which is the other important part, should be planned. The sound that will come out at high decibels should be prevented from creating echoes and ringing. No matter how good the sound system is, unless you control the excessive reverberation and first-order reflections, you will not experience the full effect of your home theater. It should be ensured that the sound is heard with the same cleanliness everywhere in the cinema room. The materials used to provide cinema hall acoustics are acoustic carpets with a rubber base, acoustic wooden panels and acoustic fabric-covered panels. Especially the quality and application method of acoustic materials to be used in a cinema hall to be made at home are extremely important.