Metal Suspended Ceiling

Metal suspended ceiling panels are an ideal building and decoration element for modern interior designs. it is produced according to customer's demand in 30*30 cm and 60*60 cm sizes. Metal suspended ceiling panels with various structures can be easily applied to many areas today. There are a wide variety of usage areas such as conference rooms, open offices, meeting rooms, libraries, schools. According to the design of the project, production can be made in many shapes and colors.

Metal suspended ceiling features:

Aluminum or galvanized can be preferred. White color is often preferred in projects. Original productions can be made according to each design with different colors and wooden-looking materials. The most practical way to hide the installation on the ceiling is metal suspended ceiling applications. It can be installed together with lighting, ventilation and fire installation. Galvanized metal suspended ceiling and aluminum systems are not different in appearance.

Metal suspended ceiling models, which can be made in various shapes and styles, are as follows;