Nightclub Acoustics

As everyone knows, nightclubs, bars and wedding halls are troublesome when it comes to communication between customers and employees. As the ambient noise increases, the customers' voice gets louder, and the problem gets worse. When starting the construction of a nightclub, nightclub sound insulation and acoustic arrangement should be considered separately.

In order to prevent the high decibel sounds that will occur in the space from coming out, a good insulation should be made by using a barrier sponge or a barrier bondexpan. It should be remembered that workmanship is as important as the material in insulation. In order to get high quality sound in the entertainment venue where sound insulation is provided, acoustic materials should be used to prevent the hum of music and human voices that will mix together inside. The most commonly preferred materials in discos, bars and clubs are fireproof acoustic sponges, acoustic fabric covered panels and acoustic wooden panels.