Office Acoustics

Nowadays many modern offices are open concept and are filled with finishing materials such as concrete, stone, glass. Although these hard surfaces are visually attractive and easy to maintain, they are not acoustically favorable. The sound bounces from a hard surface to a hard surface, creating an echo and increasing the overall volume level in the area.
In large or small-scale companies, office acoustics are very important for the productivity of employees. Considering that an important part of the day is spent in the office, the silence of the working environment is extremely important. Failure to prevent echo and buzzing problems in a crowded workplace reduces the productivity of office employees and brings with it focusing problems. For this reason, the acoustic arrangement should be made taking into account factors such as the coatings found in the space, the ceiling height, the number of people working. The type, thickness and amount of material that should be used for each space varies. As a result of the necessary arrangements with the expert opinion, the application should be made according to the needs of the place.