Restaurant & Cafe Acoustics

Dining rooms can be extremely noisy and uncomfortable places where it is impossible to talk. Many restaurants have parquet or ceramic floors, they have highly reflective wall surfaces such as plasterboard or plaster. This environment is a perfect breeding ground for eco. When the restaurant starts to fill up, users raise their voices in an effort to communicate, and the problem continues to increase. The high sound level in the restaurant reduces the attractiveness of the place. In order to eliminate the buzzing problems in the restaurant, acoustic panels should be used in colors and sizes suitable for the design of the space. These should be room dividers, acoustic ceiling and wall panels.

What Kind of Acoustic Insulation Should be Provided in Restaurants and Cafes?

Acoustic panels, which can be easily placed by blending with the existing architecture, should be used to capture both direct sound and the sounds reflected from the ceiling. With the help of an expert, you will notice that the noise decreases in the acoustically arranged space and the uncomfortable fuss will be less when the space is filled. With the acoustic arrangement, your restaurant will turn into a more enjoyable dining area.