Rubber Substrate

Rubber substrate is an impact-absorbing product with a high density that can be used in residential buildings, factories, gyms, in short, in any environment where there are impact sounds. The exceptional load-bearing performance provided by extreme compressive strength makes the under-screed substrate suitable for every place. It is the most efficient material that can be used under the machine that gives high pressure. Rubber substrate is a material that prevents footsteps from the upper floors, table chair pulling sounds, children's running sounds from passing to the lower floor. The application of the rubber substrate under the screed is very important for increasing the efficiency to be obtained from the product. If the floor covering is made using products such as parquet, ceramic, the rubber substrate should be laid under these products.

Different material densities, hardnesses, thicknesses and geometric shapes adapt to the requirements of light or heavy weight situations. It is important to choose the right product in order to get efficiency in sound insulation. The material thicknesses for residential sound insulation and engine room sound insulation differ. Alum is sold as six rubber rolls and sheets.