Vocal Room Acoustics

Nowadays, thanks to technological developments in recording equipment, artists can buy their own instruments and record without the need for a recording company. As a result of this, sound recording studios have become possible to create even in one room of the house. The quality of the sound to be received in the vocal chambers is the most important part of the work done. The vocal recording should be taken in an acoustic environment free from acoustic defects. In order to create an accurate recording environment, sound isolation and acoustic editing are essential.

Fireproof acoustic sponge, melamine sponge, colorful techno touch sponge, fabric panel, wooden diffuser panel, wooden panel, bass trap sponge, acoustic tile carpet, acoustic roll carpet can be used in vocal rooms. Our products are ISO certified and certified in accordance with quality standards. If your vocal room is located in an apartment and in the city center, you should have soundproofing for the ceiling, floor and wall so as not to disturb your surroundings. Spongepan, barrier spongepan, heavy layer sound barrier, epdm sheet, acoustic acoustic roll carpet with barrier, cork rubber substrate and rubber sheet can be used in sound insulation application.