Wall Sound Insulation

Wall sound insulation systems require different application forms for many types of materials. It is divided into many branches such as plasterboard wall sound insulation, partition wall sound insulation, sound insulation between two walls, brick wall sound insulation, neighboring wall sound insulation. According to the design of the space, different installation details can be determined with different building elements. The most common demand in residential and offices is common wall sound insulation.

Depending on the level of the sound that needs to be cut, wall deconstructions are performed in thicknesses between 8 and 20 cm. Just as soundproofed wall manufacturing will be carried out from scratch, a soundproofed wall layer can also be added to the existing wall.

Wall sound insulation materials are barrier sponge, barrier bondexpan, rubber sound tape, rock wool, soundtex, pvc barrier and epdm barrier.

The fact that the sound insulation requirement is foreseen at the beginning of the project and processed reduces the costs. The use of the material in the walls to be built rather than having insulation on the existing wall allows avoiding extra costs and not experiencing volume loss