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Arık Yapı Acoustic provides services by following new technologies in acoustic design, architectural design and sound insulation with its experienced staff. It provides services in Turkey and all over the world.

Arık Yapı Acoustic, which aims to achieve prestige in the sector by completing the projects it undertakes on time and with meticulous workmanship, has reached its current position thanks to the experience and professionalism of its staff and a customer-oriented and efficiency-centered management approach.
Arık Yapı Acoustic has taken it as its mission to improve itself in every new project with its young and dynamic team.

We develop innovative projects to build the future and offer sustainable solutions. We transform workspaces by combining aesthetics, reliability and excellence. It is our biggest vision to build a more solid and beautiful future together with you.


As Arık Yapı Acoustic we aims to provide quality and reliable projects by keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront. By combining creativity, technology and expertise, we create sustainable solutions and add value to society. We are working together to create aesthetic and functional spaces where people can live safely. We act with the mission of contributing to society and the environment.

Arık Yapı Akustik

Acoustic Solutions

Here are some of our solutions that combine the perfect combination of quality, innovation and trust.

Arık Yapı Akustik

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